Small business owner, author, and political candidate Chelle Gluch is a 4th generation Idahoan, wife, mother, and foster mother to three boys. She and her husband operate a small day care business and Chelle teaches college writing classes. After many years of activism for issues she cares about, Chelle has decided to run for Idaho Senate, District 12, in Nampa. She advocates for protection of Medicaid expansion, 21st century education, and keeping public lands public. Chat with Chelle about the issues that most affect you here on Facebook or via



Dear friends, family, and neighbors,
After many years working on issues of poverty in our community, I’ve decided to step forward to seek the office of Senate District 12 in order to bring these important issues before Idaho’s legislative body where they can be properly addressed.
I’ve been involved in these civic and social issues for the past ten years.


I have worked diligently to shine a light on the problems that many hardworking Idahoans’ face daily—lack of access to medical care that prohibits gainful employment and financial security, an education system that leaves our children and teachers behind, and low wages that are keeping families mired in poverty.  I’ve used my voice and platform to promote Medicaid Expansion by speaking on the capitol steps, meeting one-on-one with legislators to discuss the issue, and by working with local groups that support this measure such as Better Idaho, Close the Gap Idaho, United Vision for Idaho, and Reclaim Idaho.


I’ve addressed the issue of hunger and poverty in Idaho by working with the Idaho Foodbank and Feeding America. I’ve done what I felt was right for our hard working citizens in the public arena and I believe it is time to take this fight to the next level. It is my goal to work toward an Idaho that promotes health and well-being, a strong education for our next generation, fair wages for all, and a legislative body that is more representative of the average Idahoan.

This is a tall order but it can be accomplished.

I am excited at the possibility of serving the people of District 12. Poverty, hunger, and homelessness should not define our community. Prosperity, financial stability, and the foundation of a solid education should be our defining features. But I can’t work toward these goals without mounting an aggressive campaign. My opponent is quite established in his political career. He is an attorney with a salary well above the average Nampan, and a history of campaign contributions from payday lenders and big pharma. My opponent has been in office a long time without making any significant changes regarding these issues, another reason I feel strongly that I must step forward and offer voters a choice.

To be successful in this effort it will take a strong, dedicated grassroots movement. I believe the voters of this district can make change if we all work in a united volunteer effort.  My children, family, and friends, are already working at designing flyers, knocking on doors, and educating others but with thousands of brochures  and campaign yard signs to purchase, in order to stay visible in the public eye, I will require your help. I am turning to my community for help and inviting you to get involved in my campaign and help make a difference.

Your contribution, made payable to “Chelle Gluch for Idaho Senate” will give our race a fighting chance. Your gift will help me raise the seed money necessary to run a successful and viable campaign. There is an envelope and a reply card enclosed that I hope you will use to return your personal check or pledge to volunteer so that we can fight to change the plight of many hard-working Idahoans and restore the voice of the people in the Idaho legislature.

Thank you in advance for your encouragement and generous support. I am grateful to live in a such a wonderful community of friends, family, and neighbors.



Please feel free to contact me. I'd love to hear from you



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